pozos de bombeo

Pumps and pump pits build by waste water technologies, make sure that all the water and waste water is being transported according to specifications. Advice and a good selection in pump-brand and pump-quality guaranty a maintenance free transportation of all fluids. 

Pump-selection depending on fluid-composition. Pit-selection depending on place, and chemical resistance. By using different pump-brands as well as a wide range on materials, waste water technologies guarantees flexibility for all waste water problems.

Waste Water Technologies pump equipment;

  • Groundwater
  • Rainwater
  • Clear waste water
  • Clouded/Milky waste water
  • Heavy polluted waste water like acid/detergents/paint/metals etc.
  • Sewage water

Pump pits in plastic/concrete/steel/stainless steel/polyester, fast delivery through Europe.